Red Shoes hires Jackelyn Johnson as marketing assistant

Red Shoes Inc., a Wisconsin-based strategic communication firm that specializes in marketing, public relations and crisis communication, has hired Jackelyn Johnson as a marketing assistant. In this role, Johnson will support client teams in new business development, content creation and other administrative activities. She brings two years of social media and marketing experience and six years of Red Shoes hires Jackelyn Johnson as marketing assistant

Up-level your brand with photography

Branded Photography  A brand’s visual identity is made up of a variety of elements including logos, fonts, colors and more. An area that is often overlooked is branded photography. Branded photography allows a business or organization to paint a picture for the customer. Whether an organization is product-or-service oriented, branded photography can help a potential customer visualize their need for a product or service that an organization offers. It Up-level your brand with photography

How to bring your brand to life

It’s common for a company or organization to develop a visual identity and call it a day. It’s easy to get excited about what it looks like, the colors, the fonts and visuals but what else is your brand trying to say? Or, what should it be saying? In today’s sensory overloaded world, your brand How to bring your brand to life

Facebook Contest Rules

A popular way to get engagement on your business Facebook page is by having a contest or sweepstakes, but did you know Facebook has strict rules surrounding these contests? As algorithms change, it is important to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest information if you are going to run contests or sweepstakes on your business page. Facebook Pages are a vital communication tool for businesses and Facebook Contest Rules

Team Building 2.0

In 2013, Red Shoes wrote a blog about team building that ended up generating a great conversation around the topic. We thought it was time to open up the team building topic again and bring a 2019 perspective.   With new generations entering the workforce there are a lot of different mindsets, opinions and actions entering as Team Building 2.0

What’s going on with YouTube?

YouTube is having a rough month. There are two major controversies happening right now and as the social media manager of Red Shoes (Lindsay), I’m going to break them down for you.  First, a gentleman by the name of Matt Watson posted a video on YouTube calling them out for their lack of regulation on child exploitation content. He discovered there What’s going on with YouTube?

How to drastically change your engagement on Facebook with one organic post

Businesses around the globe are fighting to get their content seen by more people on Facebook. But with the algorithm change that happened last year, it’s harder and harder to achieve the same results. Social media is becoming a pay-to-play platform, but at Red Shoes, we have seen huge success for numerous clients who use one specific type of post: How to drastically change your engagement on Facebook with one organic post

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