Raquel Lamal

How to grow a podcast

If you’ve ever tried to start your own podcast, you know getting the word out about what you’re doing and building an audience can be a challenge.

Why Your Company Needs Video

According to a Pulse Advertising social media study, 85 percent of internet traffic in 2019 was video in the United States. That’s a large amount of people consuming internet videos, which can range in formats from educational, story-telling, animated, advertising-focused or even demonstrational.  The facts cannot be ignored, people would rather watch a 1-minute or less video, than read a Why Your Company Needs Video

Three Tips to Being On Camera

At Red Shoes Inc. we find very few people actually seek out opportunities to be on camera. Especially a video camera that is going to either record you or stream you live in a newscast. Many times, when the lights come on and the camera recording light goes red, people freeze up, can’t speak and overall are Three Tips to Being On Camera

The Perfect Interview

We read them, hear them and see them all the time, interviews from people all over the world with different media reporters. Whether it’s in: print, over the airwaves or on your television screen it’s hard to miss them. With so many different platforms and media outlets it’s important your company is ready for when the media The Perfect Interview

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