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The Opportunity of CTV/OTT

As consumers’ movie and TV viewing habits gravitate toward digital platforms, brands have an opportunity to activate targeted Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-top (OTT) video advertising at a lower cost than traditional linear TV advertising.   What’s the difference between CTV & OTT?  OTT stands for ‘over-the-top.’ It refers to TV content streamed over the internet The Opportunity of CTV/OTT

OTT/Video Pre-Roll …What’s the Difference?

Video ads keep getting more popular as advertisers and brands continue to see the value. Eighty-five percent of brands used video marketing in 2020, which is up from 63 percent in 2017. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, nearly three in four buyers are planning to increase their digital video ad spend in the next 12 months, and nearly two-thirds of digital budgets are allocated to video. What does this mean? OTT/Video Pre-Roll …What’s the Difference?

Why Your Company Needs Video

According to a Pulse Advertising social media study, 85 percent of internet traffic in 2019 was video in the United States. That’s a large amount of people consuming internet videos, which can range in formats from educational, story-telling, animated, advertising-focused or even demonstrational.  The facts cannot be ignored, people would rather watch a 1-minute or less video, than read a Why Your Company Needs Video